How to Pass the Parameter "Machine Name:" to log messages.

Oct 13, 2009 at 10:48 AM

Hi Daniel,

While logging my client side message's I'm getting additionally "Machine Name:". I dont want to show in my logger, so how to avoid the name and why it is appeared.

As well as how to pass that parameter from client side.

The following are my logger messges available in my log file for your concern.

2009-10-12 18:05:16,842 [9] DEBUG TestLoggerApplication.Web.Global (null) - From Server....!
2009-10-12 18:05:17,217 [4] WARN  TestLoggerApplication.Web.Global (null) - Clog message on server.
2009-10-12 18:05:38,968 [8] DEBUG TestLoggerApplication.MainPage,/testloggerapplicationtestpage.aspx (null) - Enabled in Debug mode....!

Please let me know the issues.


Karthikeyan Manickam.